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Will Work-From-Home Work?

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In these testing times, businesses are faced with challenges to continue to operate.

As a part of mini-report on Organisational Consulting, we share with you how Konsult thinks employees and employers can strike a balance and #workfromhome efficiently.

Nowadays, Organizational consultancies are occupied advising clients on how to go about Work-From-Home. Today Work-from-Home appears the best fit and need of the hour. For many businesses, it has become indispensable to its survival. Every individual has embraced it and accepted it has the new-normal [at least for some time].

It appears as if we have found the perfect way to balance work and life in our comfort zones. Or so it seems. Until the pandemic struck, working remotely was typically practiced by freelancers and home engaged employees (such as mothers). Of late it has been catching traction across the world, with many people preferring to opt for an initial stage of work-from-home when joining an organization.

For many employees who struggled to maintain work-life balance and missed spending a day at home, this has come as a blessing in disguise! The benefits of WFH for employees and employers
are many, to share a few:

● Buck the traffic jams and no long hours of travelling. People exhaust themselves [and fuel off course] by the time they reach office or return home. Imagine the gruesome traffic in Mumbai, Bangalore or Gurugram…I think you get it!

● Flexibility as people grumbled for it! Now they have it in the entirety. A person can prioritize the tasks along with enjoying the comforts at home

● No limit to capture new talent. Employers can extend their reach to hire skill pool across the globe. They need not count only on locally available talent.

● Saving on office rent and electricity bills. Many technology companies have already announced that they will operate WFH mode until next year. Many are thinking of operating with 3 floors instead of 5! This helps companies in saving precious cash especially in metro cities where physical space and services can cost as high as Rs.1 lakh per desk for a year.

Despite of such convincing arguments, there is the other side of the coin which doesn’t glitter much. Negative impacts for individuals and organizations may not be visible in the short-run but are far reaching.

Diminishing social life: Interaction and communication are an integral part of human lives. Social distancing and Work-from-Home has made it mundane. This may lead to anxiety, stress and depression. It’s further aggregated if you happen to stay alone during such stressed times.

Divided attention to work: The comforts of home bring its own challenges, with WFH practitioners who have children or pets within their households, juggling between work and relationships can become a strenuous task.

Connectivity issues: Everyone working remotely is not blessed with the same good network connectivity which is of utmost importance in such a working environment. This may cause unexpected delays.

Unreadable body language: No room to understand body language and facial expression of others at work. Texts, mails, instant messages etc. may not convey emotions with clarity.

Productivity concerns: Organizations are worried about productivity. A recent survey showed that 99.8% of employees within the IT sector are unequipped for remote working without clear motivation and instruction, with only 0.2% showing high productivity.

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons. This new phenomenon could help both organizations and employees open new doors towards a different style of working.

The following are a few tips to consider in order to get the most out of it:

Build the organization-like environment at home, pull a study table or desk and chair in a room with no distractions and complete privacy.

Try to follow the same schedule of working and taking breaks in between as you practiced on floor. It reminded me of break-out room and sweet aroma of coffee beans!

Interact through your team as often as possible through phone calls or video conferencing; it will help reduce loneliness.

● To keep dizziness, anxiety and mood swings at bay, nothing works better than a power yoga. You may take a power nap as well, which you just dreamt of in office! Taking a few deep breathes every time you feel you are losing focus is a good idea.

Get enough fresh air, ventilation is important and so is hydration. Keep yourself hydrated throughout. This helps beat fatigue and improve performance.

Ask your freelancer friends to share a few tricks to stay productive and motivated, after all this style of working isn’t new for them.

It goes without saying that there is no one-way to solve all the problems that people face while they are away from office. For many this is new, yes it is! Adopting to the same may take some time. The challenge is real, but it comes with an opportunity to pull-up socks to thrive in the new era of working.

Credits: Vikrant Sharma

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