Arthanomics Vittarth


After a gap of 34 years, on 29th July 2020, the Union Cabinet approved the “National Education Policy 2020”. It is aligned to the 2030 Agenda for #Sustainable #Development. The new #policy aims to pave way for transformational reforms in school and higher #education systems in the country. It advocates increased “use of #technology” with equity. The policy proposes to change the school circular structure from the current 10+2 with a 5+3+3+4 structure.The NEP 2020 aims at making “India a global knowledge superpower”. Top foreign universities will be allowed to set up campuses in India. The policy is meant to #transform the education system by 2040.
This policy will play a critical role in the transformation of the #indian #education #system. If implemented in its true vision, the new structure can bring India at par with the leading countries of the world.

#arthanomics #vittarth #nibm #NEP2020 #education #policy #reform
Credits – Kushal Khandelwal, Simran Pamnani and Kajal Singh


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