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QGLP Analysis of Avanti Feeds Limited

Hello everyone!!
Today’s stock pick to be analyzed is Avanti Feeds Limited.

Avanti Feeds based in Andhra Pradesh, India, is the dominant player in India’s aquaculture sector and the largest manufacturer of shrimp feed in India. The Company is engaged in manufacturing high-quality feed for shrimps, processing, and exporting shrimps. The Company’s collaboration with the Thai group union helps to improve aquaculture technology and provide technical services to the shrimp farmers through well experienced technical officers in all the coastal states of India.

The company exports shrimp to countries like the USA, Japan, Australia, China, etc. The hallmark of Avanti is the constant up-gradation of aquaculture technology bringing the latest developments in the field to the doorstep of the Indian aquaculture farmer.

Credits: Arpita MishraAyush GujralShikhar Kothari

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