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QGLP analysis of Navin Fluorine International Limited

Hello Everyone!!
Today’s stock to be analyzed is Navin Flurochemicals Ltd (NFIL).

#NFIL is one of the largest manufacturers of specialty #fluorochemicals. Its headquarters is in #Mumbai, Maharashtra and it belongs to the #Arvind Mafatlal Group. The company has been in business since #1967 indicating a strong presence and foothold. The Top management of the company has expertise in the Chemical field.

Navin Research Innovation Centre (NRIC), which is its #R&D center is located at #Surat, India. Around #45% of its revenue comes from exports. It is one of the few companies in #fluorination chemistry with the experience, capability and expertise in scale-up from research to pilot and manufacturing. It has acquired #Manchester#Organics, a #UK based firm which has world-class R&D and also helping NFIL to bring access to #Global innovator #pharma companies. The Revenue from operations this year is 1022 Cr. and is expected to double to nearly Rs 2000 crore in next 4-5 year and thus metamorphize from #Caterpillar to #chemical Butterfly.

Credits: Rohit SinghSubham RanaSiddharth Kulkarni

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