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Eicher Motors – Equity Report #46

Eicher Motors is one of the classic examples of a success story and the man behind this is none other than Mr Siddharth Lal. He was the one who took over the failing business of Eicher at just the age of 26. With his passion for motorcycles and determination, he turned around the face of the company into one of the most profitable businesses. Royal Enfield, the brand that is today the emotion of many youngsters, has proliferated from mere thousands to lakhs in the number of bikes sold in the past decade. However, for past 2-3 years its growth has been close to zero and in order to understand that, we have carried out fundamental analysis on Eicher Motors Limited.

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5 comments on “Eicher Motors – Equity Report #46

  1. DaLieLlama

    Wonderful presentation guys!!


  2. Amazing work 👏 accurate report. kudos !!


  3. Good work Abhinab. The analysis covers this company very broadly. What’s your personal take beyond the financials?


    • Abhinab Ghosh

      My personal views considering 4970% return in the stocks in a span of 15yrs, Exports – no of bikes sold inc by 89% in Q4 even though the automobile sector faced a major heat from the COVID crisis and worldwide shut down of economies. Also if we consider the domestic sales are picking up and as the economy is getting back on tracks after imposed with the world’s strictest lockdown restrictions I believe it is going to improve further. Their low debt status, strong management and the recent stock split are making it a favourite and safe bet especially for small investors like me.


  4. Congratulations for clean and neat financials presentation


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