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Peer To Peer Lending


Often we find ourselves in the dilemma of utilizing the super accessible financial services brought to us online thinking if it is too good to be true. The ease that P2P lending platforms promise to provide, will it put traditional banking to the back seat or is it just big claims? If you feel unsure, go through this post for insights on “P2P lending” in this day and age.

P2P lending can be a great extra source of income for lenders and give you the confidence of borrowing and lending online if done on the right platform. Global Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) Market is expected to reach USD 589.05 Billion by 2025. There is so much potential for investors to explore the world of P2P and needless to say the benefits and options that borrowers experience.

This banking brief sums up the current stage of P2P lending and the future it beholds.

Post Courtesy Tamanna Rangnani, Rupesh Sharma and special thanks for the mentoring to Yamini Singh

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