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IHCL Equity Report #47

IHCL is well established with the great legacy of 150-year old Tata Group one of India’s leading Hospitality & Tourism companies. IHCL’s portfolio, constituting operational and pipeline hotels with 200 hotels, more than 25000 rooms at over 100+ locations around the world builds its strong brand value. It has a very large brand cap which constitutes of TAJ HOTELS, VIVANTA, GINGER, THE CHAMBERS, GOLDEN DRAGON, and many more which help it to gain lions share in the hospitality business and taste every flavor of the tourism and hospitality industry in India. However tourism and hospitality industry is one of the major industry which was highly impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and IHCL is no exception but IHCL has handled this pandemic situation very effectively in order to understand its business and operations, we have carried out fundamental analysis on the same.

Credits: Abhinav Kumar, Dip Bhattacharya, Mantr Kalathiya, Sanjana Singla

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