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QGLP Analysis of Neogen Chemicals Limited

Hello Everyone!!

Today’s stock to be analysed is Neogen Chemicals Limited.

It was founded by Shri. Haridas Kanani in 1991, who is also called as ‘The Bromine man of India’. The company works in making speciality compounds from Bromine and Lithium.

Neogen has diversified it’s production in organic and inorganic business, with the organic business having 80% share and inorganic business having 20% share. The company has major competitors from all over the world and exporting at a larger extent.

It serves to industries like pharmaceuticals, construction chemicals, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals and aroma and flavour industry. The company recently doubled it’s the manufacturing of inorganic products and working on doubling the manufacturing of organic products.

Credits- Pratyush Ramesh, Kunal Khandelwal, Mayuresh Subhedar, Isha Porwal

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