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QGLP Analysis of Cipla Limited.

Hello Everyone!!

Today’s stock to be analyzed is Cipla Limited.

Cipla Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Mumbai, India, and founded in 1935 by Khawaja Abdul Hamied. It is a global pharmaceutical company that caters to 80+ markets worldwide by operating 46 manufacturing sites and producing 1500+ pharmaceutical products.

Cipla is well Known for its strength in respiratory, anti-retroviral, urology, cardiology, anti-infective, and CNS as well as other key therapeutic segments. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of antiretroviral drugs. It has over 25000+ employees and a present market capitalization of Rs.61525.71 crores.

During these tough times of Covid-19 Cipla has been at the forefront of Covid care with treatment drugs like Remdesivir, Tocilizumab, and Favipiravir. They have recently also announced the commercialization of a covid-19 testing kit named ELIFast.

Credits- Sahil Shah Shrey Jain Harshita Goel Kapil Pachauri

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