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Arvind Limited – Equity Report #51

Hello Finance Enthusiasts!!

Heartiest Diwali greetings.

We have already crossed the milestones of 50 Equity Reports last week but that has not made us complacent. Big journeys start with tiny steps and today we have stepped out again to achieve greater milestones as we present to you the 51st Equity Report of Arvind Limited.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Arvind Limited (formerly known as Arvind Mills) is the flagship company of Lalbhai Group.

Interestingly, Arvind is credited to have started the “Jeans Revolution” in India by bringing in Denim to the domestic market.

Today, some of the household brands that we wear like the Flying Machine or Arrow belong to Arvind Limited. Arvind mills which started in 1897 as a saree manufacturer now holds the retail license of international brands like Tomy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

We have analyzed Arvind.Ltd and reflected on some important financial and strategic approaches of the company that we have presented in our report.
Happy Reading!

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Credits: Rohith Singh,Sayantan Batabyal, Ragini Kumari

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