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Indian Logistics Industry

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Let the economy of a nation is like a human body. Infrastructure forms the skeletal frame. If manufacturing, agriculture, and other industry are the heart of the economy, then the arteries and veins that keep the blood flowing throughout can be equated to the logistics sector. The Indian Freight and Logistics market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 6% during the period 2016-2025. The industry provides livelihood to more than 22 million people. According to the logistics performance index India has moved from 54th rank in 2016 to 35th rank in 2018. The report is published by world bank every two years. With the loosening of the lockdown across the country, the sector is set to bounce back, However, it will ultimately depend on other industries’ resuming operations and reaching previous levels of activity.

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Credits: Rohit Singh Pravara Kharait

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