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Fishing Industry

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This indefatigable industry, reaching a value of almost INR 1,232 billion in the year 2020 & expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% is a major industry employing 145 million people in India. Indian Fisheries Sector ranks second in aquaculture and in fisheries production. Fisheries contributes to 1.07% of the Total GDP of India.

Struggling with its majorly unorganized structure, Indian fish market is driven by the huge export potential it offers. The market accounts for about 6% of the global production. Currently, the country represents one of the largest producers of fish in the world. In recent years, India has witnessed a huge growth both in domestic consumption, as well as the export of fishes, consequently enhancing the Indian fish market.

Dive deep into the territorial sea of Indian Fisheries to explore more!


Credits –Tanvi Paleja & Anand Bhargav Devarapalli

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