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QGLP Analysis of Vaibhav Global Ltd.

Vaibhav Global Limited is a professionally managed, end to end vertically integrated fine Jewelry multinational of Indian origin with operations in five countries. Vaibhav Global is listed on both BSE and NSE. VGL has its head office at Jaipur, India. The Company is engaged in the gems and jewelry business. It is engaged in the processing of gemstones, such as fire opal, apatite, emerald and various other precious and semi precious stones. The Company operates in a single segment, which includes the Wholesale Business. The Company’s products include gemstones, diamonds, jewelry and chains.

Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL) was incorporated in Jaipur, India in the year 1989. VGL started as a Gemstone manufacturer and then in 1996-97, as a forward integration, the company came out with IPO to establishing a world-class jewelry-manufacturing unit for export of gem-studded gold jewelry.

Analysis Credits: Mayuresh Subhedar, Bhupendra Singh

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