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Bajaj Auto- Equity Report #61

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We are back with another #equityreport on Bajaj Auto Ltd Bajaj Auto, founded in 1926, the company is the flagship firm of the Bajaj Group. Known by their evergreen tagline ‘Humara Bajaj’. Bajaj Auto Limited is India’s largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. It is the biggest seller of 3 wheelers in India, sold 2 out of every 3 vehicles. Bajaj Auto is a top-rated company with a consistent reputation and performance, despite many hardships and obstacles, it has performed exceptionally. In this edition of our equity report, we provide a detailed analysis of their Financials, business milieu and other significant factors. To have a better understanding and to know the near future expected performance of the entity, have a look at our VittNivesh’s post.

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Credits- Shilvi Gupta Sahil Shah SHEKHAR DAS


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