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Trident Limited- Equity Report #66

VittNiveshak Alert!! New day new report!!

Today we have analysed Trident Group India.

Trident Limited (also referred as ‘Trident’, or ‘the Company’ from hereon) is the flagship company of the US$ 1 billion Indian business conglomerate and global player, Trident Group, headquartered in Ludhiana. Beginning humbly in the year 1990,

Trident has evolved over the years into one of the world’s largest integrated home textile manufacturer and is engaged in the business of manufacturing wide variety of yarn, bed & bath linen, paper, chemicals and captive power, having its presence in about 100 countries all over the world

The global economic scenario being disrupted by surge in cases of Covid-19 last year and world economies in a standstill for a considerable period of time, the world expects to see a revival in almost every sector.

Is trident ready to lead the change as well as bag the gains? We will see in this post today!!

Happy Reading!!

Analysis by: Sitikantha Satapathy, Akash BansalSanjana SinglaJigyasa Chandora


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