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“My Formula For Success? Rise Early, Work Late, Strike Oil.” 
-Jean-Paul Getty

ONGC is a Government-owned Crude oil and natural gas Corporation. It has been ranked as the top energy company in India. After COVID 19 shattered most sectors of the economy, the Oil and Natural gas sector were no exception. With low Oil Prices, the revenues were hit hard and a crash can be seen in the earnings of ONGC. The financials of ONGC look a bit weak in comparison to its peers, adding to that the second wave of COVID 19 might have an adverse impact at least on the short-run (if not long-run) prospects of the company. Have a look into the analysis of ONGC, its financials, future prospects, etc.

Credits: Chirag SharmaSaumya SrivastavaSiddharth Chauhan

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